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                       Property Management

Let us advice you who could take care of the day to day running of your home and work towards keeping those longer term maintenance issues at bay for as long as possible.

We know specialist contractors who are responsible for each element of the work that needs to be carried out to keep homes in excellent condition and looking their best.

Property management can include many different services, to keep your investment on the top. Call us for a list of insured and licensed professional vendors.  If a new owner hasn’t lived in a sub-tropical climate before, they may be unaware of the differences in maintaining a property in this climate.  Jobs which might be nice extra’s in a temperate climate can be essentials in a sub-tropical climate.

 Which services do you need to plan.

Pool Care
Lawn Care
Weeding & Weed Control
Trimming of Small Trees
Fertilizing ornamentals and palms
Garden Pest Control
Bug Treatment – Bugs are for outside, not inside your home
General Maintenance – including batteries and standard light bulbs
Twice yearly servicing of your A/C Unit including labor and parts

 For more information, please contact us directly.