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Ready to Buy your next Home

You may have already started dreaming about your next home. Now that your current home is well along in the sales process, you have a much better chance of having your offer on your dream home getting accepted.

What Do You Want in Your Next Home? Chances are living in your current home has given you some pretty clear ideas about what you want from your next home. Our job is to help you prioritize your needs and set realistic goals about the likelihood of finding and being able to afford these dreams.

Where Will You Live? Worried where you will live if your home sells before your next purchase closes? This is a common concern when juggling a sale with a purchase. We have many ideas to help you! For example, we can negotiate a lease-back period, where you continue to rent your first home back from the buyer while we help you find and buy your new home.

For more information in these selling steps, contact Homesearch Realty & Investments, LLC.